About Me

I love weddings! 
I love the pomp and circumstance. I love flowers—I love flower girls and ring bearers. I love everyone looking so dapper and dressed to the nines. I love how parents have the steely composure all the way up the aisle until they hand their babies away, and then they tear up. I love being a part of the promises two people make to each other on the beginning of the rest of their lives. I love being a part of all that! That’s why I got into the officiating business.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and I want to help you achieve your dreams!

I am married myself. 
My father officiated my wedding. It was blessed. He is the reason that I officiate. He did it to help some friends out—and I thought, I could help so many people and make new friends at the same time. So I did it, I am a Reverend. But then came the harder part, writing the ceremonies. I like to find out what marriage or love means to each couple so that I can create THEIR ceremony. I can incorporate readings, poetry, or Bible verses into your ceremony, and ceremonies within the ceremony—it's all up to you! 

What it really comes down to is I enjoy making people happy, and if I can do that by joining together two people who are in love, then I very much want to.