For my purposes I define an elopement as a ceremony taking place less than 45 days in the future, and only the two witnesses in attendance. Any dates further out, or more attendees, my prices are subject to change.

In Wisconsin it is virtually impossible for most couples to truly elope. Because there is a 6 day waiting period for the marriage license, a spur of the moment wedding usually can’t happen. HOWEVER the County Clerk who issues the marriage licenses has the discretion to waive the waiting period. If you want to get married in less than 6 calendar days, you must do two things: make sure I am available, and make sure the Clerk is willing to waive the waiting period. There is an additional fee for the waiver, which, like the cost of marriage licenses, varies from county to county.

For elopements in Waupaca, WI, my fee is $75, payable in cash only, upon the signing of the contracts. Outside of Waupaca, WI, the cost is $150, payable in either: cash, PayPal, or Square (a scanned copy of the contract must be received before payment can be made via PayPal or Square if the contract is not signed in person). The contracts must be signed within 48 hours of the agreement of services. 

For elopements less than 3 weeks out, I offer a selection of civil or non-denominational ceremonies, with options of readings. You have the option to write your own vows or have me assist in writing them with you.
-The ceremonies are 5-7 minutes long. For elopements 22-45 days out, an in person meeting to sign contracts, make payment, and have a get-to-know-you meeting must be completed within 7 days after the agreement of services. This is to ensure enough time to write and edit a custom ceremony.